Faux Snug Piercing

Faux Snug Piercing

Traditional Snug piercings are very anatomy depending and finding the correct anatomy is rare. They also have a long recovery time, and swells up a lot during healing!! Because of the tricky recovery period, a “Faux Snug Piercing” can be considered instead.

Conch Piercing + Helix Piercing

“Faux Snug Piercing” is great alternative to the conventional Snug. It is basically two separate piercings: a conch piercing positioned parallel with an outer helix piercing, to give the illusion of a regular Snug, but without the troubles of massive swelling and anatomy dependancy.

Both piercings can also be styled differently to give this piercing a lot more versatility with jewelry than a conventional Snug (which can only wear a curved barbell).

Faux Snug Piercing allows more flexibility with anatomy and jewelry